New iMac disassembled

Chris Scott Barr - Aug 9, 2007

Most people love getting new toys to play with. Some of them just can’t wait to completely disassemble their shiny new gadgets. Thankfully some of those people are kind enough to take pictures of their disassembly process. I give you, the insides of the new iMac.

This guy gives step-by-step instructions for completely tearing apart the new aluminum iMac, if you ever feel the need to do it yourself. The whole process looks fairly simple, which is great.

Disassembled iMac

After looking at the pics, I’m really baffled as to why they added that ugly black lip around the entire LCD. I think it would have looked much better without it, even if it does give it that iPhone look. But looking at the pictures, it looks like they could have done away with a good portion of that extra space and just made the rest aluminum.

New Apple iMac dissection photos
[via macdailynews]

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