New Ikea standing desk adjusts with push of a button

Standing desks are one of those mildly polarizing topics. You probably shouldn't be sitting all day, but standing desks are either really expensive, or really suck (sorry, but it's true). Ikea has stepped in with their first truly convertible stand/sit desk (adjustable with the push of a button), leaving you without that tough choice of standing or sitting all the time. It's also priced right, compared to some options it competes with. Like all Ikea stuff, it's also a bit weird, with an equally odd name to boot.

The Ikea BEKANT raises and lowers by a single push of a simple up/down arrow scheme. I assume you can understand which arrow does what.

The coolest part is that it not only makes BEKANT the first standing/sitting desk from Ikea you can adjust on the fly, but also the first one that can be adjusted to anyone who is standing or sitting at it.

That also helps when your posture changes, and you're feeling particularly tall or short that day.

If nothing more, BEKANT leaves you without that tough life decision on whether you should sit or stand for hours on end. Now, you can effectively split your time as you like, and not have to re-arrange your desk just to stand or sit. You also only need one desk, saving you from the two-desk, stand/sit scheme.

At $499, the BEKANT can be — like most Ikea desks — configured as you like. There is a corner unit, as well as an odd 5-sided design. If those aren't your flavor, there's the tried-and-true rectangle.

Source: Ikea

Via: Racked