New Grand Theft Auto 6 rumors claim the game is still years away

Despite how old it is, one of the most popular video games for PC gamers and consoles is Grand Theft Auto 5. The game is still going strong, thanks largely to frequent updates and a massive online player base. Despite its popularity, fans of the GTA series are looking forward to the next game in the franchise, expected to be Grand Theft Auto 6.

A new rumor is making the rounds that claims Grand Theft Auto 6 could be four years away from being published. The leak comes from an insider named Tom Henderson, who has had accurate leaks in the past concerning other popular games. In a video posted last week, Henderson claimed GTA 6 would launch in either 2024 or 2025.

The leaker also claimed the 2024 or 2025 launch date was due partly to the focus on employee well-being at developer Rockstar after it was heavily criticized for its work culture. It's worth noting that other rumors about a launch date for the game suggested that Rockstar might have been targeting 2023 to launch the game, but the pandemic added years to that schedule.

Another rumor focusing on the game suggests that Rockstar could launch the game without all of its content in place and then expand the game over time. Currently, rumors suggest that GTA 6 will be placed in a modern-day Vice City and that the location would change and expand to new areas after release. This would make sense as games like Fortnite have made huge sums of money by releasing periodic content updates and battle passes that players pay for.

While content updates that players are required to pay for are big money makers for game developers, many gamers hate them. Many gamers prefer to pay once for the game and have all the content available and launch. Whenever Rockstar launches GTA 6, gamers will expect the game to be in top-notch playable condition, which certainly hasn't been the case in recent years for major game titles. Some, such as the latest game in the Fallout franchise, among others, have launched in essentially unplayable condition.