New Fujitsu P1620 could give Air a run for its money

James Allan Brady - Jan 18, 2008

It weighs less than the 3 pounds of the Air, and just got a Core 2 Duo processor upgrade. It still only runs a 1.2GHz, but its also noticeable smaller for those who said thinner and lighter wasn’t enough on the part of the Air.

It can be configured with up to 2GB of RAM. Even better yet are the HDD options of the Fujitsu with your choice of the standard 80GB drive or a 100GB drive (the same 4200RPM speed as the Air, but 20GB more) or a 32GB SSD which only adds $300 to the price compared to the $1000 the 64GB SSD option adds to the Air.

It also has ports, and you can get a port replicator for it as well, oh, and did I mention it has a tablet screen that you can swivel and use the digital pen on to do stuff with it instead of just a regular LCD screen? Also, Fujitsu recommends XP be used with this, but if you order Vista with it, it costs nothing extra and you get a set of XP restore discs as well as the Vista ones. So, with the new 1.2GHz Core 2 Duo, the 2GB of RAM, the 100GB HDD, and an extended battery, it comes in at $2474, which isn’t much higher than the Air for a computer that could be exponentially better than the Air depending on your needs/perspective.

Fujitsu P1620- now that’s an Air [via jkOnTheRun]

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