New firmware hack for Xbox 360 bypasses detection

Chris Scott Barr - May 31, 2007

We don’t support illegal activity here at SlashGear, however we’re more than happy to report industry-related news. Those of you that have been worried about your modded Xbox 360’s getting banned from Xbox live might want to check this out.

A new firmware hack for the DVD drives has been released that apparently “Defeats all current and some future Xbox Live detection attempts.” Boy, that actually took longer than I expected, almost two whole weeks.

I’m torn over the whole hacking and modding situation. I think that modding is fun and harmless so long as you don’t use those things to gain an unfair advantage while playing other people online. When you hack the system just so you can beat anyone playing a stock system, then it’s a whole different story. Seriously though, what’s the point? Are you so bad at the game that you can’t beat people without cheating? Grow up people.

iXtreme firmware 1.0 for TS-H943 Xbox 360 [via xboxscene]

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