New Egg ships "fake" Core i7-920 processors

Like most geeks that build their own computers, I have spent tons of money at New Egg over the years buying hardware and various other gear. Most shoppers of New Egg know the company to be reputable and to have great service. New Egg is in the middle of a controversy right now over allegedly fake Intel Core i7-920 processors that were shipped to customers.Hard OCP reports that one user has supplied the publication with pictures of an Intel Core i7-920 CPU that appears to be in the correct box and look legit enough from the outside. The top of the CPU is even stamped with what looks to be correct markings.

Flip the CPU over and it becomes clear quickly that the processor is far from normal. The instruction manual with the CPU is a bunch of blank pages stapled together. Other sources reports that 300 of these counterfeit processors were purchased by New Egg from supplier D&H Distributing. Intel and New Egg are reportedly investigating the issue and users who received the fakes are getting real replacements. A video on YouTube has also surfaced of an allegedly fake Core i7 shipped by New Egg.