New edible six-pack holders are just what the environment needs

We all know that the rings on a six-pack can be dangerous. No, you're not going to injure yourself taking out a can. However, once discarded, it can cause some serious issues for various wildlife that can get trapped inside the rings. But one company wants to ensure that never happens again.

It's always good practice to cut up the rings of those plastic six-pack holders, but not everyone bothers to take the time to do that. That's exactly why one Florida brewery has designed their own edible six-pack holder. But don't expect to substitute your pretzels and peanuts with it.

The rings are made from the barley and wheat byproducts that are leftover from the brewing process. That probably doesn't sound like the tastiest treat, but it's not meant for you. As it turns out, it's actually great as fish food. Which is perfect for a company called SaltWater Brewery.

Since many six-pack holders end up in the ocean, the inhabitants will be able to feast on these new rings, rather than get trapped by them. It's really the perfect solution, if you think about it. The holders are made from a brewing byproduct, and instead of hurting the environment, it just becomes a source of food for those that would otherwise get trapped and hurt by them. I wonder if we'll see more breweries take note of this and make a similar change.

VIA: Geek