New dual-carbon battery trumps li-ion in safety

Brittany A. Roston - May 16, 2014
New dual-carbon battery trumps li-ion in safety

Power Japan Plus has unveiled its new battery dubbed the Ryden Dual-Carbon, which boasts being both more durable and safer than currently used lithium-ion cells. Among the new battery’s various features, it is nearly completely recyclable.

The Ryden Dual-Carbon battery is said to harbor no heavy or rare metals, which are found in many common batteries. The newly developed battery has both anode and cathode electrodes made of carbon, and utilizes a chemistry that is currently under wraps due to pending patents.

According to the maker, the Ryden dual-carbon under went in excess of 3,000 charge and discharge cycles during testing with almost no degradation, and as such is promising as a battery pack option for electric vehicles, potentially able to withstand the extensive use such batteries get.

Power Japan Plus has plans to unveil a company it has partnered with this upcoming August. This partner is set to make a battery management system, and to build battery packs. Presently available cell manufacturing processes can be used to produce the batteries.

SOURCE: Green Car Reports

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