New Dodge Challenger lineup boasts up to 707 horsepower

Nate Swanner - Jul 16, 2014
New Dodge Challenger lineup boasts up to 707 horsepower

Later this year, Dodge will have “the Most Powerful and Fastest Muscle Car ever”. That might sound like verbose grandeur, but it’s not — not this time. when the new Dodge Challenger comes to pass, you might not see it. With up to 707 horsepower, the 2015 Challenger will blow past anything on the road.

That massive horsepower comes by way of the Challenger Hellcat, which rightly lives up to it’s name. With more heft under the hood than a Lamborghini Aventador or Ferrari 458, the Hellcat is easily one muscle car enthusiasts should keep an eye on. The 6.2-liter HEMI rolls 20-inch wheels and big ‘ol Brembo brakes. An 18 speaker Harmon Kardon audio system attempts to drown out the roar of the engine — if you’re into not hearing all that power.

If you’re not drive to the coast and drag-race yuppies in Lamborghinis, the 485 horsepower Challenger R/T Scat Pack might be up your alley. The R/T will get you 0-60 in just over four seconds, and get you up to 25 mpg. An R/T sans Scat Pack is also on offer, getting you 410 lb.-ft. torque.

The Challenger SXT can be looked to as the “budget” model, but don’t let a price point fool you. A Pentastar V-6 engine puts out 305 horsepower,and gets you up to 30 mpg.

So, how much are these monsters of the main drag? The SXT will set you back — or forward, depending on how you look at it — $26,995 to start. The R/T models start at $38,495, and that Hellcat? Dodge only wants $59,995 for that one. For less than $60,000 you can have more horsepower than anyone in your city.

We’re on our way to the Dodge drive event, where we’ll get our hands, feet, and eyes on these dynamos. If we can peel ourselves from the driver seats, we’ll be bringing you our take on all Dodge has to offer. Be sure to keep an eye out for our coverage of the event and first drive impressions soon!

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