New Dish Anywhere app gets Transfers functionality for Android and iOS

Satellite television provider Dish Network has announced a new Dish Anywhere application is coming for Android and iOS devices. The new application adds Dish Transfers functionality to make it easier to access your favorite content on mobile devices. Transferred content can be viewed when no Internet connection is available.

With the new Dish Anywhere app, Dish subscribers with the Hopper with Sling set top box will soon be able to transfer their favorite shows to iPhones, iPads, and Android devices for viewing off-line. Dish says that the enhancement will be pushed out as a free update to the Dish Anywhere app by the end of the year.

Dish currently has two different apps that allow remote viewing of content including the Dish Anywhere app and Hopper Transfers. Dish Anywhere has been the app used to connect to the Internet for remote viewing of live TV programs and recorded events. The Hopper Transfers application was Dish's second application designed for remote viewing and was used to move recorded programs from the Hopper with sling DVR to mobile devices.

The Hopper Transfers application is currently only available for the iPad. By the end the year those two applications will become one with the new Dish Anywhere app and will work on larger number of devices. There is no specific date offered from when the updated app will be available, but we're almost halfway through November so if Dish sticks to schedule it will be some time in the next month and a half.