New Daft Punk isn't strictly "new" - but close enough!

Daft Punk just released a "Complete Version" of their original TRON: Legacy soundtrack. This version of the soundtrack includes 9 "new" tracks that you'll not likely have heard in their entirety before. Unless, of course, you're an absolute and utterly unstoppable completist. You COULD have found these music tracks before – but again... it wasn't likely.

Ten years after the release of Daft Punk's take on TRON, a new edition was revealed. This is "TRON: Legacy – The Complete Edition (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)." Whether or not you're a Spotify user, you can find the entire album over on Spotify> right this minute.

The tracks on this album that weren't available on the original were previously exclusives to a variety of platforms. The iTunes version of the album included "Father and Son" and "Outlands, Pt. II," while the track "Sunrise Prelude" came with the Ovi version of the album. If you purchased the album via Amazon MP3, you'd have gotten the exclusive track "Sea of Simulation."

These tracks (and a few more) are included on the newest version of the album, available all in one place for the first time. No word yet on whether this album will be released in physical format, but given the number of times we've seen similar compilations released by Daft Punk in the past decade, chances are good! This might be a good opportunity to release 3D print friendly "vinyl" record version for the masses – or transparent vinyl made with the TRON light line!

Now, if only it also included the rest of the massive mounds of media delivered with this ultimate collaboration. Cross your fingers this new release indicates that there'll be more TRON to come, complete with Daft Punk at the base. What do you think the chances are that this is an indicator that the robots are once more ready to rock, straight from The Grid?