New cheap Pokemon GO "bundles" revealed for February

This February, 2021, Pokemon GO will have a series of 1-coin bundles for the masses. If you're lucky enough to see these bundles in the official in-game store, you'll find goodies aplenty. Starting on the first of February, 2021, there'll be a bundle for a single Pokecoin that includes a full Team GO Rocket Radar, 20x Pokeballs, and a single Remote Raid Pass.

On February 8, 2021, Pokemon GO will have a new 1-coin bundle in the official in-game store. That bundle will include 8x Incense (the standard sort), 16x Razz Berry, and 10x Pinap Berry. That'll probably be the best bundle of the whole bunch, as Pinap Berry deliver the sweetest bonus in the streets! Unless you're all about those Remote Raid Passes – those are in the other bundles.

On February 15, 2021, there'll be a new bundle – the biggest bundle of the bunch. That bundle will also cost a single Pokecoin, and it'll include 20x Pokeballs, 10x Great Balls, and 5x Ultra Balls. That'll be the second-to-last bundle of the bunch for this month.

NOTE: As soon as each new bundle appears, the last bundle will disappear. It'll very POSSIBLY disappear before this point, but it'll definitely disappear AT this point. Chances are you'll have already purchased the bundle at this point anyway – so no worries!

The final bundle of the month is the February 22, 2021 bundle. That'll include 20x Pokeballs, 1x Remote Raid Pass, and 5x Incense. Each of these bundles will be launched on a Monday, and the'll be available for approximately one week.

Take a peek at the timeline below for more Pokemon GO updates that'll be rolling out over the next couple of weeks. This month is going to be wild, and packed full of Shiny Pokemon of all sorts, leading up to the mega-event in March of 2021!