New bio-sensor detects contaminated water instantly

Former Technical University of Denmark students have developed a bio-sensor that can detect whether water is contaminated in real-time, the university has announced. Real-time water testing is an important development toward the eventual eradication of contaminated drinking water. Such tainted water can cause serious health issues and results in many deaths every year, but the testing process is notoriously slow.

Traditional water testing processes involve taking a sample of the suspected contaminated water and then culturing it over a handful of days. Returning results of contamination — and info about the nature of the contamination — can take a week overall, putting livestock and humans at risk in the meantime.

With this new bio-sensor, the suspected contaminated water can be tested at the source, with results being supplied in real time. The presiding water authority will then be able to immediately take the action necessary to prevent the spreading of the water and to get a treatment in place.

The new sensor is being presented through the startup SBT Aqua, which details the sensor on its website. It seems the sensors can be placed at various points throughout a water distribution network, with their data being available at all times online.

SOURCE: Technical University of Denmark