New Battlefield 1 trailer previews single-player campaign

It's hard to avoid talk of Battlefield 1 ever since the game's multiplayer beta wrapped up, but one topic that's been notably missing from discussion is the game's single-player campaign. While multiplayer tends to be the primary focus of games like these, many of them do ship with a single-player component for players who prefer a little story with their gunplay, and Battlefield 1 will be no exception. Today, we're getting a look at that campaign in the newest Battlefield 1 trailer.

The trailer seems to bounce all over the place, from one setting to another, and it doesn't really feature much of a coherent overview of Battlefield 1's story. That might be because the single-player campaign will focus on the efforts of four different people dotted around the theater of war, attempting to give us a window into World War 1 and its effects on the world as a whole instead of just a single character.

Because of that, though, the trailer comes off feeling a little disjointed. Hopefully the same won't be true for the actual campaign, but we'll have to wait until launch to make that judgement. At least EA and DICE saw fit to give us some sort of single-player mode at launch, something they neglected to do with Star Wars: Battlefront.

We won't have to wait much longer to see if the single-player campaign in Battlefield 1 is up to snuff, as the game launches on October 21 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Those who subscribe to EA Access will be able to get in on the action a little early, gaining access to the game on October 13, a full week before Battlefield 1 goes live for everyone else.