New Awareness Android Phone for Etymotic app launches

A new app has launched for Android 4.1 OS smartphone users that also use certain Etymotic noise isolating headsets. The app is called the Awareness Android Phone for Etymotic app. The app is designed specifically to work with the hf2 and mc2 headsets and earphones.

The app is designed to allow users of the compatible earphones and headsets to experience the highest noise isolation and sound quality available and still be aware of their surroundings. The app is designed to listen to the user surroundings and allows the user to mix outside sounds directly into the headphones at a level of their choice. That means the user can choose the volume of outside sounds, such as conversations, they want to hear.

The app is also available for Apple products including the iPad, iPad mini, iPhone 5, and the iPod Touch. This new Android app is specifically for Android 4.1 smartphones. This is an interesting app for people who want to unlock some of the sound around them but still need to pay attention to what's going on.

Users of the Etymotic earphones can see if their earphones are compatible with the app and register for an unlock code here. Once getting an unlock code the app can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

[via Etymotic]