New Audi A3 Sportback launches in Europe

Audi has announced the launch of the new A3 Sportback in Europe with a choice of three different engines. The version includes a 1.5 TFSI making 150PS, a 2.0 TDI that makes 116PS, and a 2.0 TDI that makes 150PS. Audi notes that at the start of production for the new A3 Sportback, all engines will be in a front-wheel-drive version of the car.

Power will be transmitted via a 7-speed S tronic transmission or a 6-speed manual. Audi says that shortly after launch, it will start expanding the A3 Sportback range to offer other engine versions that include electrified drive systems and quattro drive.

A version of the car with the 150PS engine will get a four-link rear axle that is sporty and balanced for a ride with good dynamics. An upgraded suspension is offered with adaptive damper control that lowers the body by 10mm. Each of those dampers adapts to road conditions. The sport suspension is standard for models with S line exterior and an option for other versions.

Sport suspension and dampers lower the car by 15mm. A3 Sportback is 14.2 feet long and 6 feet wide without the mirrors. That makes it 1.2 inches larger than the predecessor. The 4.7 foot height and wheelbase of 8.7 feet.

Audi will take orders for the car in Europe starting this month with the first deliveries starting in May. The base 1.5 TFSI version with the 150 PS engine will start at 28,900 euros. A special edition A3 Sportback edition one will be offered with special features, the price on that version is undisclosed at this time. There is no indication of pricing on the other versions or the Quattro version when it launches.