New Apple TV 4K leak says release date imminent

A leak this week suggests a new Apple TV 4K device is about to be released and/or could be released at any time. This isn't entirely shocking, given code appearances of a new 4K Apple TV device in tvOS 13.4 beta back in February of this year. But it's nice to know that Apple's pushing forward with the device that'd make quarantine during global pandemic a slightly easier sort of never-ending event with which we must deal.

Word from the leak from Jon Prosser suggests that Apple could release this next-gen Apple TV with advanced processor power very soon. Prosser's source indicated the device, codename Neptune T1125, will have an A12X processor inside with options for either 64GB or 128GB internal media storage. The device is apparently "ready to ship."

Apple recently updated their list of Apple Arcade games that work with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Apple TV. Upgrading the processor power of the Apple TV would allow the most advanced games in the Apple Arcade collection to look as good as possible on the most bright and colorful 4K televisions in the world. Now that PS4 and Xbox One Wireless Controllers are compatible with Apple devices (with select Apple Arcade games), now's a better time than ever before for Apple to upgrade the TV-centric device that'll run the lot.

The next-generation Apple TV 4K fits right in with revelations from Apple's most recent earnings report. There, iPhone, Mac, and iPad net sales were down, yet Apple's net sales were up. It's because of services like Apple Music and Apple Arcade, app sales in the Apple App Store, as well as sales of devices like Apple TV and Apple Watch that made up the difference.

We'll be watching the Apple Store's stock and official Apple streams so we're able to let you know when this Apple TV device launches, as soon as possible. Stick around as we learn more!