New Apple ad focuses on the 300,000 apps available for the iPad

Apple launches a new ad campaign that simultaneously boosts their iPad's brand image while attacking every other tablet out there. Their new ad campaign features both the iPad and iPad Mini, but the main focus is the "300,000 apps" that are available and optimized for Apple's tablets. Apple highlights that there is an app out there for every type of consumer, and they have been made to take full advantage of the screen real estate on both iPads.

The first category of apps they feature is titled 'Ear Opening' and is meant to be aimed at music lovers. Whether it's apps to view your favorite music videos, make your own music, or play a variety of music games, it's all available and optimized for the iPad. The second section is titled 'Elementary' and it represents the educational apps in the app store. Not only is it great for teaching kids, but there are several titles that are helpful for adults as well. The 'Well Versed' section showcases the literature apps that should enhance both your mind and your vocabulary, and it also features apps that help you read music notes as well. Finally, the last section, titled 'Mind Watering', displays all of the apps that appeal to artists or those who love art in general.

300,000 apps optimized for iPads is definitely an impressive feature on Apple's part. But not only that, Apple's App Store in general, both apps for the iPhone and iPad, total over 775,000 titles. Apps for the iPad have gone a long way since the launch of the iPad 2, when Steve Jobs made it very apparent how well the iPad tablets compared to its Android competitors. At the time, the iPad had over 65,000 apps optimized for it, while the Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablets only had about 17. And while both tablet app stores have increased in the number of apps optimized for their bigger screens, the iPad is still way ahead of Android.

Another thing brought up by many Android tablet users (and Android haters) is that many of Android's apps are just stretched to fit the screens of their Android tablets. They also say that the Google Play store search engine could have a better search feature for tablet apps. While the app stretching may not be a big deal for those with a 7-inch tablet, those with a 10-inch tablet definitely notice the difference. Google's Android tablets have a long ways to go in catching up to the iPad's capabilities.

[via AppleInsider]