New Apex Legends trailer introduces Valkyrie, takes us back to Titanfall roots

Respawn Entertainment wrapped up last week by teasing a new announcement for Apex Legends, and it opened this week by delivering on that teaser. As suspected, today Respawn revealed the new Legend who will be joining the game in Season 9: Valkyrie. Her arrival also brings with it stronger ties to the Titanfall games, so fans of the Titanfall series will definitely want to check this reveal out.

As it does for every new Legend, Respawn today revealed Valkyrie in a lengthy cinematic trailer. The trailer, titled "Northstar," clocks in at over eight minutes long and shows us Valkyrie's origin story. As it turns out, she's the daughter of Viper – one of the antagonists from Titanfall 2. She has apparently spent years tracking down Kuben Blisk, a former ally of Viper's and the creator of the Apex Games.

Good news for those who have fond memories of the Titanfall days, as this trailer features plenty of shots of Viper's Northstar-class Titan. This Titan has been spotted a few times in the lead up to Valkyrie's reveal, and it's possible that she'll use it in one way or another in Apex Legends. Unfortunately, nothing about Valkyrie's kit is being revealed today – we'll have to wait until we're closer to the launch of Season 9 for that.

However, the Apex Legends website has been updated today with a few teasers regarding Season 9, which will be called "Legacy." We're told that Olympus has been infested with roots and natural growths that are "strangling the city." The Bocek Bow, capable of dealing "tremendous damage at medium range," will be the new weapon for Season 9, and of course there will be a new Battle Pass and a new Ranked season to participate in as well.

That's all we're getting about Season 9 today, but it won't be too much longer before Respawn reveals more. We'll let you know when the company does just that, but for now, check out the Northstar cinematic, which we've embedded above.