New 5.0 Mega Pixel LCD Digital Binocular Camera

Anything that helps me spy and I'm all in.  The TC 242N Digital Binocular Camera is a 5.0 mega-pixel camera with many features.  The 5.0 mega-pixel binocular camera features an SD card slot, 8X non-digital zoom so your subjects can't be too far away, auto exposure, a 1.5" TFT color LCD, and it takes AVI clips.  These binoculars are excellent for basketball games but I wouldn't suggest them for baseball especially if you have horrible seats.  The binoculars are not huge so they will fit into your wife's purse or around your neck comfortably.

The pros include the the high-res 1600 X 1200 pictures it's capable of taking and its weight, but there are cons.  It has a USB 1.1 interface which shouldn't matter much, no night-vision, it's not Apple friendly, and it takes batteries are some of the various cons included, but it's still a nice piece of gadgetry.  The unit isn't rechargeable so it must be geared towards hikers and those who enjoy the outdoors.

Price: $199.95

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