New 3DS Ambassador Program games available for download in Japan

Yesterday we talked about the new old school video games that Nintendo had announced were being added to the 3DS Ambassadors program for the people that purchased the 3DS early at regular price. The new list had a bunch of games from the GBA and Game Cube to choose from. If you are an ambassador program member in Japan, you can get some of those games right now.

In Japan, the GBA games for the program are available to download right now according to a Tweet. To find the games you need to check download history apparently. With the announcement of the games only coming yesterday, it's impressive to see some of them available right now.

Apparently, only the GBA titles announced are up for download. I hope that we will see those NES games launch soon. We still have no word on when the games will be available in the US. If you download, the games let us know how well they play on the 3DS.

[via Twitter]