Never miss another show again

I love my DVR. It records so many wonderful shows, thus allowing me to watch them later, and skip through all of the commercials. The only complaint that I have with it is the fact that sometimes it runs out of room. Granted, it's probably my fault for setting it to record more shows than I can possibly watch. I keep telling myself I'll have more time one of these days.

If you're running into the same problem, you may be in luck. If you have a Series 3 TiVo (you may need a firmware update), or any DVR with an eSATA port, you can get a DVR Xpander from Apricorn and add an extra 500GB worth of storage space.

What can you do with 500GB of space exactly? Well, I can't tell you what you should be recording, but I know that will get you about 60 hours of high-definition or 280 hours of standard video. You can pick one of these up for $199. They also offer a 250GB model for $129.

Don't let a full DVR ruin your life [via crave]