Nevada Legislation allows Google driverless cars to cruise state roads

Google has its fingers into some many different projects that it can be very hard to keep track of them all. One of the oddest projects that Google has been into is the design and operation of cars that can drive themselves. Interestingly Google chose to use Prius and Audi TT's as their driverless fleet and not the obviously well qualified black 80's Trans Am. We have seen these driverless cars in action before, and to be honest they are a bit disconcerting to see in action.

You are placing a lot in the hands of software and hardware when you resign yourself sitting in the passenger seat as the cars navigate without your input. As strange as it is to ride in a car with no driver, the tech is really cool and makes a lot of sense in many ways. The roads probably would be safer with idiot drivers taken out of the equation and a group of interlinked cars handling all the driving.

Google has apparently been working with legislators in Nevada to get a bill passed that would allow its automated fleet of vehicles to operate on Nevada state roads. The legislation was Bill No 511 and it has been passed. If you live in Nevada be on the lookout for a car with no driver to roll past you on the highways. I would imagine most of the tech developed here will find its way into driver assistance tech, I don't think most drivers are ready to give up all their behind the wheel duties.

[via Inhabitat]