netTalk TK6000 hardware adapter provides for free phone calls

There are lots of people looking to save money on phone bills by going with VoIP services like magicJack. With magicJack's reputation hurt by the loss of a defamation case it filed against a tech site, some may be looking for an alternative service. netTalk is a competitor with a service very similar to magicJack and the company has a hardware device called the TK6000.

The TK6000 is used to connect any phone in your house to your broadband network. The TK6000 lets you make unlimited local and long distance phone calls for free. Those needing to make international calls can place them for free too if the person they are calling uses a TK6000 as well.

In addition to connecting directly to your broadband router the TK6000 can also connect to the USB port of your notebook or computer to share a broadband connection on the go. Included with the TK6000 are an AC adapter and a 3-foot Ethernet cable for connecting to your router. The downside to the service is that you can't transfer your existing phone number and have to get a new one. The device supports E911 service for emergencies.