Netgear's Latest NeoTV Product Crosses The FCC

I have always considered Netgear a networking company and always think of its wireless routers and other networking gear like the DSL home gateway that launched back in May when I hear the company name. Networking is certainly not all Netgear does though. It also makes a line of streaming media set-top boxes as well and the company has a new product that has just crossed the FCC.

The latest addition to the Netgear NeoTV line has hit FCC to get the approvals to come to living rooms all around the country. The device appears to be a smaller version of the existing NeoTV gear and it is called the NeoTV 200. The box is thought to be something to compete head on with the new smaller Apple TV and Roku boxes. It's no surprise that the device is focused on media streaming.

The user manual at the FCC even notes that Netflix and Pandora are supported. It would be no stretch to expect that the device would offer streaming services like Hulu Plus and others as well. That isn't confirmed though. The little box lacks the connectivity of the larger offerings with no USB, SD, or eSATA connections. Zatznotfunny thinks that the NeoTV 200 might be a DLNA streaming device. I am sure we will get the full specs and details before long, for now there is no indication of pricing or availability.

[via Zatznotfunny]