NETGEAR Wi-Fi products get Circle with Disney parental control

Most mobile devices and operating systems these days include some form of parental control. Sooner or later, however, this per-device system becomes inconvenient and sometimes even ineffective. The best way to monitor, check, and curb Internet use is really at the source, which, in the case of a home network, is often the router. That is why NETGEAR and Circle Media have teamed up to install the Circle with Disney parental control system directly on NETGEAR's Wi-Fi systems and routers.

Which would you prefer, individually configuring five devices individually and directly or simply configuring five profiles from a single app? Most parents will probably want the latter if they can be assured that their family members, especially the younger ones, are indeed safe from the dangers of the Internet and the temptation to go beyond bend time.

Circle with Disney provides all of those via profiles for each family member. Parents, or at least those in charge, can set up filter levels, block ads, pause Internet access, and more, on a profile by profile basis. Sounds good? Well, there's always a catch.

Circle with Disney's features are divided into free and premium services. Filtering, pausing, browsing history, safe search, and ad blocking come at no cost. But more significant controls like Time Limits, BedTime, OffTime, and device usage are only available with a $4.99 monthly subscription. An additional Circle Go option allows parents to monitor a child's device usage even when not connected to the home network.

Circle with Disney will first be pre-installed on select Nighthawk routers in stores. Eventually, it will make its way to Orbi Wi-Fi systems via a firmware update.