Netgear Orbi outdoor satellite takes your WiFi network outside

Eric Abent - Jan 3, 2018, 9:05 am CST
Netgear Orbi outdoor satellite takes your WiFi network outside

If you need to get a solid WiFi connection to the far corners of your home, mesh networking is generally the solution. What about times when you want your WiFi to extend to the boundaries of your property and not just be limited to your home? That poses something of a larger problem, as many mesh networking systems aren’t really designed for outdoor use.

Today Netgear is changing that with its own Orbi WiFi system by introducing its new Orbi outdoor satellite. As the name implies, this is meant to take your WiFi network outside, extending the reach of your WiFi network beyond the walls of your home. In all, Netgear says that the Orbi outdoor satellite is capable of expanding your WiFi network by an additional 2,500 square feet.

Getting set up with this new outdoor satellite should be simple enough, as Netgear says this is accomplished through the “push of a button” and a web browser or within the Orbi app, assuming you’re adding the satellite to an already operational Orbi mesh network. As you’d expect, once the outdoor satellite is connected, it will allow your connection to automatically move between satellites, meaning you don’t have to manually reconnect every time you enter a new coverage zone.

The satellite itself is IP56 dust and water resistant, so it should stand up to the elements fairly well. It can be mounted to a stand, thereby turning it into a portable device, or mounted to a wall, allowing you to provide consistent coverage to an area like a barn or a guest house. This works with Orbi Tri-Band systems for both home and small businesses, and offers features like guest networks and Netgear FastLane3 compatibility.

The AC3000 (1733 + 866 + 400Mbps) outdoor satellite is available now from a variety of different retailers, including Staples, Insight, and Fry’s Electronics. It probably shouldn’t shock you to hear it, but adding this to your existing Orbi mesh network is going to cost you, as the outdoor satellite demands a hefty $329.99. Still, if you need the extra coverage, that could easily turn out to be money well spent.

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