Netgear Orbi NBK752 WiFi 6 mesh system packs 5G backup coverage

Netgear has expanded its Orbi product lineup with the new Orbi 5G WiFi 6 NBK752, a mesh network that combines high-speed wireless coverage with support for 5G cellular networks. The new mesh system is an ideal solution for consumers who are reliant on 5G coverage to make up for a lack of high-speed broadband access; it's just as useful for those who want a backup network for times when WiFi service goes down.

The NBK752 is Netgear's first mesh networking system with 5G support designed for businesses and consumer homes. The mesh system can blanket up to 5,000sqft in high-speed network coverage, ensuring connected devices across the home or business are able to access maximum speeds to avoid dead zones and dropped connections.

In addition to the tri-band WiFi, consumers can use the NBK752 mesh system with 5G to utilize cellular broadband with their phones, IoT devices, computers, and more. Though many consumers have hotspot service bundled with their 5G wireless plan, a smartphone or small hotspot device isn't able to deliver the same coverage and support the high number of devices most homes have.

Consumers don't need to have both high-speed broadband and 5G to use the new Netgear mesh system. The company points out that its NBK752 can be useful in summer homes and other locations where cable Internet service may not be needed all year, allowing visitors to instead utilize a 5G network to meet their temporary Internet needs.

The router may also come in handy for consumers who work remotely and need to ensure they can remain online even if their service provider goes down for a while. The NBK752 also supports 4G LTE networks for consumers who aren't living in an area with 5G coverage. The system is sold with the router and one satellite unit to place in the home; consumers who have larger spaces can buy more satellite units to expand the mesh coverage.

Consumers who are interested in the Orbi 5G WiFi 6 Mesh System NBK752 can preorder the device now from Netgear — a two-pack is priced at $1,099.99 USD.