Netgear NeoTV ProHD supports Intel WiDi for $69.99

If your quest is to become the ultimate cord cutter, Netgear's latest product might be a good fit for a purely digital lifestyle. The company has announced the NeoTV ProHD media streamer, capable of pulling in content from a variety of services like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and Vudu. It's also the first media streamer to feature Intel's Wireless Display technology, so you can pipe your computer's display via the box onto your television.

The streamer naturally supports full 1080p video, as well as surround sound, and pipes media via the 300Mbit/s WiFi adapter. If your reception is a little shaky then there's an Ethernet port, with other ports including HDMI and optical out.

How are you going to control all of this? Using the supplied remote control app, available for iOS and Android. The free application will allow you to control just about any function on the streamer via WiFi, letting you get rid of another unnecessary physical remote. If this sounds like the media streamer for you, then have a hunt around retailers where you should expect to pick one up for around $69.99.