Netflix's "House of Cards" hits Comcast Xfinity following Sony deal

House of Cards, the popular Netflix original that snubbed HBO for the Internet video streaming service, will soon be available to Comcast Xfinity subscribers who don't have a Netflix account. Such is the result of a recent deal with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, which handles certain elements of the show's distribution.

The deal applies for the first season of House of Cards, which allows Comcast subscribers to download the show via the relatively new Xfinity Store service on to their set-top box — no Netflix subscription is needed, a perk for those who don't want to double-down on their video subscriptions.

This joins the show's availability through VUDU and Amazon, as well, which sells the show out part-and-parcel at about $2 per episode. Those who want to check out the second season will still need Netflix for the time being, though that season will likely also find its way onto the VOD services in due time as well.

Those who enjoy Netflix's other popular original show "Orange is the New Black" will also be able to enjoy it through Comcast Xfinity starting May 13, which Variety reports is the result of a distribution deal with Lionsgate. Soon other Sony shows will be available through the service, as well, including The Amazing Spider-Man.


SOURCE: Variety