Netflix's DIY personal trainer adds Terry Crews to your workout

Netflix has introduced a unique DIY project for those who like to create their own gizmos and want a little something extra to keep motivated during workouts. Simply called the Netflix personal trainer, this DIY project creates a little gadget you can clip onto your belt or an armband for inspiration, motivation, or whatever else, from some notable actors and actresses.

It's a bit difficult to explain exactly what the Netflix personal trainer is, so hit up the video below to see for yourself. If you can't, here's the short of it: the trainer is a small phone-shaped device with a particular actor/character's face on it and a bit of tech underneath. Depending on the character, you'll hear some motivation or statement at times throughout your workout.

Are you fond of Terry Crews? Well, with the trainer device you can hear him interject motivation into your workout when, for example, you pause to catch your breath. The kind of motivation you get depends on the character — maybe you get some tough love, maybe you get some positive reinforcement, or maybe you get some comic relief. There's a bit of everything for anyone.

If all this sounds interesting and you have a bit of tinkering skills, check out Netflix's full guide for all the info and items you need to create the device. You'll need to download a ZIP file, gather all these items, assemble the bits based on the schematics, and soon enough you'll have your own trainer.

SOURCE: Netflix Make It