Netflix wants to change how you rate movies (because you're doing it wrong)

When you get done watching a movie or show, Netflix gives you the opportunity to give it a rating. Unfortunately, you're doing it wrong. That's right, the streaming giant doesn't think you're rating things for the right reasons, and wants to change it.

According to Netflix's Cheif Product Officer Neil Hunt, the company wants to change up their rating system. Currently, the system uses a simple 5 star rating. When you want to rate something, you just pick the number of stars, click on it, and you're on your way. But what are you considering when you pick those stars? That's where Hunt seems to think you're doing it wrong.

Hunt seems to think that instead of rating movies and shows based on how much you enjoyed them, people are instead thinking too much about the "quality" of the movie. He points to Adam Sandler's The Ridiculous Six as his prime example. Despite being the most watched Netflix program to date, the movie only sports a 1-star rating.

I've not actually watched The Ridiculous Six yet, but I wonder if maybe the movie just isn't that entertaining. People probably watch it because it's a free Adam Sandler movie on Netflix that they haven't seen. A quick look at Rotten Tomatoes has it sitting at a 0% (though only 28 people have bothered to rate it), which makes me think that 1-star rating is spot-on.

Still, Hunt and the others at Netflix seem to think that we're all doing it wrong. With that in mind, the company is exploring other rating options, such as a "like/dislike signal" and some form of "percent match." Hopefully people will understand how to properly use these new tools, should they be implemented.

VIA: BusinessInsider