Netflix Voltron official trailer introduces its motley crew

Ever since Michael Bay came out with his first re-interpretation of Transformers, we have looked at each and every remake with both anticipation and dread. Eschewing the trend to go live action and 3D, Netflix and Dreamworks have thankfully stuck with the animated roots of Voltron, Defender of the Universe. Or rather, Legendary Defender as it is now titled. The latest teaser to drop from Netflix finally gives some screen time to the five young lads that will be piloting the overgrown metallic cats.

Yes, five lads. Those who have stuck to the whole 80s series from start to finish will probably be familiar with the beginnings of the story. That said, the show's producers have already admitted to taking some liberties with the original story. So the question now is, will the five remain five? Given the push for diversity in today's pop culture, DreamWorks is unlikely to leave out a certain lass from the team. In fact, there's already a bit of a hint right in this trailer. Which means someone will have to go, right?

But for now, we have five guys with origin stories slightly different from the original series. And with personalities quite different as well. In short, a ragtag crew of not so professional "pilots" that have been dragged from their not so comfy lives on Earth to save the universe. Sounds just about right.

Voltron: Legendary Defender will air June 10. In typical Netflix fashion, all 13 of the 22-minute episodes will be available for a weekend binge.