Netflix video previews on Android have arrived for some users

In early March, Netflix introduced previews for mobile, a feature that would offer 30-second teaser trailers for certain shows in a vertical orientation. About a month later, the company began rolling out those previews to iOS users, and now some Android users are seeing them appear on their phones. Once available, users will readily notice the previews due to their circular thumbnail.

Netflix already features previews on other platforms, such as set-top-boxes, but until now they haven't been available to mobile users. The company has been mindful of how it introduced them, creating the teasers in vertical arrangement so that they fill a phone's full display naturally. Users can find the previews within their own dedicated section.

Once watched, the viewer can use the trailer as a launch point for starting the show or adding it to their view list. Users can also swipe through to the next preview, essentially binge-watching each 30-second clip to rapidly get an idea of what is available. The video above shows the previews in action.

Unlike other platforms through which Netflix previews are available, the mobile previews don't start playing automatically — the user must manually tap them, eliminating the huge annoyance that continues to bothers many subscribers. How many Android users are seeing the previews right now, as well as when they'll show up for everyone, isn't clear.