Netflix US gets three Hwang Dong-hyuk movies amid Squid Game hype

Netflix viewers around the world were introduced to South Korean director and screenwriter Hwang Dong-hyuk via his astronomically popular streaming series Squid Game. Perhaps hoping to capitalize on the show's ongoing success, Netflix has made three movies from the director available to its subscribers in the US — though don't expect anything similar to the bloody game show.

Netflix announced the newly added South Korean movies from Hwang Dong-hyuk in a tweet today, noting that the company's subscribers in the US are now able to stream the titles. It's unclear how many markets have access to the director's movies, of which there are three available in the US: Silenced, Miss Granny, and The Fortress.

Squid Game fans looking for another movie or show similar to the viral hit will be disappointed, however, as none of the three movies are in the same genre. However, a couple of the movies do revolve around the same sort of social commentary viewers saw in Squid Game, exploring issues like abuse in the drama Silenced and aging in the comedy Miss Granny.

The Fortress, meanwhile, is a historical movie based on the 17th century Qing attack on the Joseon kingdom. Netflix shared the trailers for all three movies on its main Twitter account, including brief descriptions of each title. Hwang Dong-hyuk also directed a number of other projects, including the movie My Father and the short film Miracle Mile.

All three newly added movies are offered in their original Korean audio without dubbed options, though subtitles are available in English and multiple other languages. It's unclear whether Netflix plans to add any other director's other movies to its US library at this time.