Netflix to launch new Aziz Ansari stand-up comedy special

It's no secret Netflix plans to ramp up its original show offerings this year, and it won't be limiting itself to just fictional series' like the newly released Marco Polo. As we noted earlier this month, Netflix will be releasing an original documentary ("My Own Man") on March 6, and on the same date the company has announced it'll be releasing another original offering: Aziz Ansari's newest stand-up comedy special. Likewise, as is expected with the original shows, it'll be available to all of Netflix's subscribers.

Netflix made the announcement earlier today, saying it'll be releasing the Aziz Ansari: Live At Madison Square Garden stand-up comedy special on Friday, March 6 at the stroke of midnight (Pacific time). This, as fans will know, isn't the first time Ansari has offered up a comedy special on Netflix.

Previous to this release, Ansari's Netflix original "Buried Alive" was released through the video streaming service, where it is still currently available for any of the company's subscribers to watch. This latest one, obviously, is taking place in Madison Square Garden, where it was filmed before a live sold-out audience.

Says Netflix, this show will include materials touching on "the struggle of American immigrants", gender inequality, the food industry, and relationships, among others. For more recent Netflix news, be sure to check out the timeline below, then hit up our Entertainment portal for other new shows.

SOURCE: Netflix