Netflix taps Walmart to sell merchandise for Squid Game and other hits

Netflix has teamed up with Walmart to sell merchandise based on some of its hit original shows, including Squid Game and Stranger Things. For its part, Walmart is launching a new Netflix Hub through which Netflix fans will be able to find the exclusive merchandise, marking Netflix's first digital storefront offered by a major retailer.

Netflix is home to a number of hit original shows and movies, the most notable including some older titles like Stranger Things and newer offerings like The Witcher and Squid Game. You can now head over to the Netflix Hub on Walmart's website to see merchandise for these shows and others.

A variety of goods are offered via the new portal, including some items that are exclusive to Walmart. Funko Pop! figures, costumes, T-shirts, vinyl records, sticker albums, cookbooks, card games, and toys for young kids are included among the merchandise. The hub also has downloadable activities for parents to print at home, including a word decoder sheet and word scramble challenge related to Stranger Things.

Walmart plans to add additional products based on Netflix shows this fall; the company offered a preview of some of these items, some of which will be Walmart exclusives and others will be Walmart first-to-market launches. Fans can expect Nailed It! baking kits, new T-shirts, clothing based on Squid Game, a Bluetooth-based cassette player, and more.

Coming soon, Walmart says it will launch a new tool in Netflix Hub that'll allow its customers and Netflix fans to vote on which merchandise products they want available to purchase. This new offering will be called Netflix Fan Select when it launches, with Walmart teasing that other "exclusive experiences" will also come to the retail portal.