Netflix survey hints at future N-Plus online portal with podcasts

A Netflix survey has surfaced that revolves around a potential project called N-Plus, one that would — should it ever launch — possibly include features like show playlists, behind-the-scenes content, podcasts, and other content related to the company's vast original library. N-Plus could, potentially, become home to the kind of content we already see it publish on social media platforms.

The survey was first reported by Protocol, which got confirmation from Netflix that the survey is legit, but is just part of 'regular efforts' to get users' feedback on ideas explored behind closed doors. The company didn't elaborate and said that it doesn't have any other info to provide about its N-Plus idea at this time.

The survey hinted at the kind of features N-Plus may offer, such as the ability to create your own playlists and share them with others. Non-subscribers would only be able to watch the trailers for this content, potentially encouraging them to sign up for a subscription if they like what they see.

As well, the platform may contain podcasts in some way related to the shows, interviews with cast, and it may make the music from shows available. Beyond that, Netflix users may be able to provide feedback on TV shows that are in the pipeline but haven't yet entered production, giving them the chance to influence the content.

The survey also indicates that users may be able to leave reviews for Netflix shows. As with any idea explored by companies, it is possible Netflix will never move forward with the launch of N-Plus or that it may launch with entirely different features.