Netflix signs deal with Miramax for content streaming

I am a big fan of Netflix and the ability to stream content like all sorts of TV shows and movies to my TV or mobile device at will. I also like the fact that Netflix is always working in getting more content for users to stream so each time I log on there is generally always something new to watch and enjoy. Netflix has announced a new deal has been signed with Miramax films for streaming movies and there are several good films in the deal.

The multi-year agreement will bring the Miramax content to Netflix users in the US and will mark the first time that films from the company have been available on a digital streaming service. The Miramax films will come to Netflix in June and will add several hundred films to the catalog. Netflix hasn't offered any details on how much the streaming deal cost are not being offered at this time. The catch is that only "dozens" of the titles from the library will be offered at a time.

The titles will rotate through availability. I don't like that rotating feature. I wish the films were just there all the time. I find movies I want to watch all the time, add them to my instant queue and then when I come back to watch they are no longer available. The catalog will include movies like Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Clerks and a lot more. Netflix also recently launched its Android app for select smartphones.