Netflix SD Option Targets Entry-Level With Big Compromise

Supposing you're a Netflix user who only works with one single screen at a time, and have no love for the highest of definitions in displays, the company has made a move you might like this week. Working with "standard definition" and streaming to one single screen at a time will cost users $6.99 per month from this point forward. After that it'll cost a cool $7.99 USD – the same as it has for some time – for 2 screens at the same time in standard OR high definition.

Netflix recently made a move to allow the whole world to share with one another with a 4-screen deal as well. This deal works with $11.99 USD per month and allows both standard and high definition as well. This allows the user to share with friends and family – even though Netflix doesn't expressly allow it.

This newly widened set of price points opens up the door to a new wave of users in the now. Netflix realized earlier this year that a whole lot of people weren't keeping their passwords to themselves – so instead of cracking down on such a movement, they decided to profit from it. The same is true of people using Netflix for themselves, alone.

For those users only watching Netflix at home, all by themselves – or even on a single screen exclusively, there's this "1 screen" tier. It's clear that Netflix is able to allow this price point to be lower because they're not having to provide the additional bandwidth required for HD, as well. This new structure is being rolled out immediately if not soon.

VIA: AdWeek