Netflix scouting for a P2P engineer hints future implementation

Peer-to-peer networks trigger numerous applications and the most commonly known application is file sharing. This is the app that popularised the technology and now Netflix is looking to hire an expert from this field. The job application has put forth the question: is Netflix looking to add P2P technology to its streaming service?

The answer is in a speculative stage since the job posting neither indicates nor confirms a shift in strategy for Netflix. It merely allows us to assume that the streaming service is open to the possibilities of employing peer-to-peer architecture in its realm, and is probably just researching it for now.

Netflix is seeking an engineer to research P2P; the senior software engineer is expected to work on Netflix's Open Connect content delivery network while researching how P2P technology can be used for streaming. The responsibilities listed by the company include researching, liaising with internal client and toolkit teams so that they can integrate P2P as an additional delivery mechanism. The engineer is also expected to develop tools for the operation of peer-to-peer enabled clients in a production environment. Experience is also an essential according to the job descriptions, since the listing specifies at least five years of relevant experience along with knowledge of P2P, CDN/HTTP cache/proxy technology.

SOURCE: Gigaom