Netflix rolls out overhauled interface on Roku 3, Xbox 360, Smart TVs and more

Netflix has revealed a new overhauled interface design that is intended for those who watch the service on a television. With these changes comes a more pronounced focus on shows, with large images next to show descriptions, ratings, and other particulars. The new design will be rolling out to multiple devices at the same time, marking a first for the video streaming service.

Until now, every device that offers Netflix streaming has had its own interface, and as such, some users would get features before other users. This unified interface overhaul will nix that reality, and will present the same design to viewers, whether they're on a set-top box or a high-end streaming device. You can see the new design for yourself in the video below.

For those with a set top box, gaming console, or smart TV, there's a good chance you'll be seeing the update very soon. The PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Roku 3, some Blu-ray players, and newer Smart TVs will all be getting the interface update at the same time. The official launch takes place tomorrow, and will roll out to everyone "within two weeks" across the globe.

Said Netflix Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt: "Our members collectively watch more than a billion hours of Netflix a month, most of that is on a TV. This is the biggest change to the Netflix experience on televisions in our history, making it even easier to find something great to watch on Netflix, bringing our members many more hours of Netflix enjoyment on their TVs. This new software platform will allow us to innovate even faster and continuously improve the Internet television experience for our members across multiple devices."

SOURCE: PRNewswire