Netflix Play Something shuffle feature goes live for everyone

Netflix's previously announced 'Play Something' feature is finally going live for everyone around the globe, though you'll need to have a connected TV to use it for now. The feature is essentially a shuffle button for Netflix, one that chooses a show or movie you haven't watched based on your past viewing habits.

The Play Something feature is a tool for Netflix subscribers who want to watch something but can't decide which show or movie to start. The feature uses Netflix's algorithms to determine which content you may be interested in based on what you've already watched or saved.

The feature is now available on smart TVs globally; Netflix plans to also bring it to Android devices soon, but it's unclear when it'll arrive on Apple's mobile devices. According to Variety, the company doesn't plan to make Play Something available on its desktop browser interface.

The tool acknowledges that you may not like the content that it plays, allowing users to choose a 'Play Something Else' button to move on to the next movie or TV series. This is, in a way, similar to flipping through channels on traditional live pay-TV services, though with the benefit of algorithms that try to find what you'll like.

You may be taken to a movie or TV show that you started to watch in the past but never finished. It is also possible you'll get a title that was previously saved to your account's watchlist or something you've neither saved nor started to watch.