Netflix original Cobra Kai will get its next season a week early

Netflix is planning to release the third season of its hit original series Cobra Kai a week early, the company has announced. The show has earned high reviews from viewers and critics over its past two seasons, the reception likely due in part to the nostalgia for the '80s movies the series is based on.Cobra Kai is a streaming television series based on the Karate Kid movies released in the 1980s. Set decades later, the series features William Zabka and Ralph Macchio reprising their roles from the movies, this one following the story from the point of view of character Johnny Lawrence.

In the show's first season, we see Lawrence reopen the Cobra Kai dojo, as well as his struggles with moving on from the tournament he lost in his youth and the revival of his rivalry with character Daniel LaRusso. The events progress to a breaking point at the end of season two. Both of these seasons started on YouTube Premium; season three marks the true start of the show as a Netflix original.

The arrival of Cobra Kai season three will give viewers a look at what follows the explosive showdown from the season two finale, as well as the brewing drama hinted at with its cliffhanger ending. According to Variety, the third season will debut on January 1, a full week early.

As expected for a Netflix original, the full third season will be available to stream on the premiere date, meaning you'll have a great option for binge-watching over the socially distanced New Year. The new season will drop just after the upcoming Death to 2020 comedy premiering tomorrow and the Nicolas Cage-hosted docuseries History of Swearing scheduled for later in January.