Netflix now supports Firefox on Linux

Netflix does not officially support Linux, but that doesn't mean it can't be used on the platform. Linux users have been able to play Netflix streaming content using Chrome on Linux for the last couple of years, and now there's a new browser with the same ability: Firefox. Netflix itself announced the new support, saying that those using Linux should be able to play content using Firefox as of yesterday.

Netflix announced the new playback support on its technical blog on Tuesday, doing so as a tidbit of info dropped in a larger writeup about HTML5 video. The company says its new Linux Firefox playback support is a new 'milestone' for the streaming service, one that is only a piece of everything Netflix has to offer.

The company says that it is looking to expand its Ultra HD 4K video playback to more platforms 'soon,' having launched it for the Microsoft Edge browser back in December. The company is also working on HDR video, though details on that are slight. Notably, Netflix competitor Amazon already offers a decent array of HDR content, which can be viewed on TVs with the correct support.

Netflix has been working on implementing HTML5 video for the past four years, and as part of its work has contributed to various industry standards. Among those standards, it says, are MPEG-DASH, WebCrypto, Encrypted Media Extensions, and Media Source Extensions. As it stands, Netflix offers plugin-free playback across all the major platforms available.

SOURCE: Netflix