Netflix now live on Panasonic Viera Cast

We have been talking about the new line of Panasonic TVs for a while now. Most of the new sets were on display at IFA recently and they looked really cool. One of the most interesting features of many of the new Panasonic TVs is the Viera Cast internet content service.

The Viera Cast service has all sorts of content that can be streamed from the web directly to the screen without needing a computer. Some Panasonic sets connect to the internet via WiFi so you don't need an Ethernet cable. Panasonic has announced today that Netflix streaming service is now available on the Viera Cast content service.

With Netflix now available, the content delivery service Panasonic has cover Amazon Video on Demand, YouTube, Picasa, Bloomberg News, and more. I wish they would add Hulu streaming, that is the most interesting streaming service online to me so I can watch the shows I miss. The Panasonic sets with Viera Cast include the VT25, VT20, GT25, G25, G20, and several of the 2010 Blu-ray players.