Netflix not deterred by outage

It only took a line of strong storms to bring down the servers that power Netflix's massive streaming operation, but the online giant says that it still fully belives in the power of cloud computing, and it has no plans to restructure anything as a result of the unexpected service failure over the weekend.

The problem that occurred last weekend was that Amazon's Web Services division collapsed from massive thunderstorms that ravaged a huge chunk of the eastern half of the country. Netflix, along with many other online powerhouses, use Amazon's servers to power their operations. Netflix admitted it was due to issues on Amazon's end, but did not outright criticize the online retail giant.

Instead, Netflix merely said, "This outage highlighted the need for additional tools." It was nevertheless "a reminder that as everyone transitions from local storage to the cloud, that it is always a good idea to keep hard-copy back-ups of everything, because you never know what might take down the cloud."

[via GigaOM]