Netflix nabs 'Mindhunter' series from David Fincher

Netflix has taken on a new series called 'Mindhunter' from House of Cards director David Fincher, according to a new report. The series is reportedly being developed in collaboration with Charlize Theron, and will be based on "Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit," a book published in the mid-90s. Sources expect Fincher will be directing the series, according to the report.

The information comes from Deadline, which says it recently learned about the newest Netflix happenings. Fincher has reportedly tapped Brit Joe Penal as the show's screenwriter, and has been working alongside Theron on the Mindhunter for years.

The series is tipped to have first been slated for airing on HBO more than half a decade ago, with some prominent staff in the pipeline. That didn't pan out, however, and now Netflix has filled the void. When the show will premiere isn't clear.

Netflix has not confirmed the news. Reportedly, the series will be a crime drama, but specifics about its storyline haven't been revealed at this time. The book, however, has helped inspired many drama and crime shows before it, including the popular TV show Criminal Minds.

SOURCE: Deadline