Netflix "My List" replaces Instant Queue with TV and movie favorites

Netflix's Instant Queue isn't necessarily a bad feature of the streaming service, but the company believes they have found a replacement for it that makes saving must-watch TV shows and movies a lot easier. Netflix has introduced "My List," which is essentially just a favorites list that keeps all of the TV shows and movies you bookmark all in one place.

Essentially, instead of users adding content to their queue and ranking them based on the level of interest, you simply just add content and leave it alone. Users can even add individual episodes of a TV series to My List. Once they have their list filled out, they can revisit it anytime to watch something on their to-do list of sorts.

However, while the manual ranking system is no longer in place, Netflix still includes a series of algorithms that automatically rank and display certain shows and movies more prominently depending on what the viewer wants to watch first. We're not sure how accurate this system will be, but we've never had much luck personally with the recommendation algorithms anyway. However, users will be able to disable the feature to sort content manually.

Titles in My List will also include special tags to show when a new season is available, and users will also receive helpful notification when certain shows and movies are about to disappear from Netflix. The company says the My List feature will begin rolling out today and will take around two weeks to get to everyone, so be patient if it doesn't show up in the next few days.