Netflix Manifest surprise fuels hope the series will live on

Manifest, a surprisingly popular supernatural drama series that was canceled right around the same time it skyrocketed on Netflix, may live on for at least a fourth season. A new move from Netflix increases hopes the streaming platform will pick up the show, which can now be streamed in its entirety on Netflix.

NBC caught Manifest fans off guard a couple of months ago when it announced that the show's third season would be its last. This announcement came right around the time the show's first two seasons arrived on Netflix, where they skyrocketed to the top-watched slot, holding that popularity for weeks.

Given the show's popularity on Netflix and the company's past habits of picking up shows canceled by cable networks, fans called on Netflix to acquire Manifest and bring it back for at least a fourth season and proper conclusion.

Word soon arrived that Netflix was looking into potentially acquiring the show, and while we still don't have any official announcement that such a deal has taken place, Netflix did surprise viewers this week: Manifest season three is also now available on the streaming platform.

The third season's arrival on the streaming platform comes amid a new report from Deadline that claims the company is working with Warner Bros TV on a deal for the series. Warner Bros is reportedly working to get new deals with the Manifest cast for a potential fourth season. All signs point toward Netflix eventually reviving the show, but fans still have to wait to find out for sure.